Rainy Skies part 1 is out on Smashwords~!

Hi guys! moon here…you can now read Rainy Skies online! Simply go to Smashwords where you can read my novellette online OR download for FREE.

I hope you guys like it and do leave any constructive comments if you have them. =)



Sorry for the lack of updates >.<

For readers who’ve been dropping by, checking if there were any more updates, a big apology is due. >.<

lin and I had been really busy. We’re trying our best to continue what we had started though so no worries. I’m determined to finish Rainy Skies so hopefully by the end of this year, I can have it all done. =3

In the meantime, forgive our lack of updates. =x

Rainy Skies – live

Hi everyone! Moon here again. Remember the last time I promised a little surprise for you guys? Well…the thing is me and ma good friends did a cosplay of Rainy Skies! =3

Alright so we’re not as inhumanly beautiful as lin as drawn Rain and her crew to be but hey, I think we did well. If you beg to differ…errr…too baaaaaad….XD

And so! Presenting the Rainy Skies crew!!

Rain: Moon
Lucian: mewmew

Credits to usagi and Maverick for photography.
Props, fixing our looks and chasing away monkeys from our belongings to lin (lurve you gal! =3).

Rain Eveil playing the flute

Rain Eveil playing the flute

Lucian the dragon lord

Lucian the dragon lord

Wandering among the trees and grasses...

Wandering among the trees and grasses...

hand on hand, forever more...

hand on hand, forever more...

A little gift to remember me by...

A little gift to remember me by...

Lurve the tree shots!

Lurve the tree shots!

Hope you like the pictures! =3

Oh and check this out! I was invited to do an interview so here it is! =3


In flesh, thy will be…

To those who have been following our blog closely, despite the fact that it’s not as frequently updated as we would like, you can look forward to something this coming EOY @ Singapore Expo. Yes, it has something to do with Rainy Skies. And yes, there’ll be photos to show.

Once the photos are out, I’ll have the link posted.

So…stay posted! XDDD


Music to my ears

Movies have ’em. Animes have ’em. And so I’ve decided to have ’em.

Yup. ’em theme songs for my three lovely ladies in Rainy Skies. First upz…

The power trio’s theme Song – Glitter by Ayumi Hamasaki


Rain’s theme song – Anytime (FREETempo remix) by Koda Kumi


Thiea’s theme song – Lean on me by Home Made Kazoku


Yvi’s theme song – Love, Joy (English version) by Heartsdales


Have a listen and see if you can spot the ladies’ personalities within the songs! =3

Yes, I know. They’re all in Japanese. But you see, I’m a Jpop fan. XDDD


Teaser #2

Another teaser!

I’ll admit. I’m a busy lazy person. So to make up for the lack of updates on this blog and my novel, I present to you my chapter 2. Not much but…it is chapter 2. =3

“I can see her at the gate.” Thiea Bey, a tall athletic woman with short flaxen hair, dropped quietly beside Yvi Weil, “Looks like Rain has no problem dealing with the Rat Demons after all.”

“Did you ever have a doubt?” Yvi flicked her auburn hair and smiled mischievously at Thiea, “Rain graduated near the top of her class at the Magian Academy after all.” 

“Of course not.” Thiea retorted in good humour, “I’m just glad the Rat Demons didn’t decide to strike here instead.”

Rain’s corpulent guise ambled into the courtyard in front of the Town Mayor’s residence and shimmered into her usual self, much to the discomfort of the patrolling guards nearby.

“Is the Mayor alright?” Rain asked in concern as Yvi and Thiea hurried towards her, “I’m pretty sure I got all the Rats but it doesn’t hurt to be safe.”

“He’s fine.” Yvi replied airily with amusement in her azure eyes, “He’s currently shivering under his bed but at least he’s in one piece.”

“How did you guess that the Rat Demons were after him in the first place?” Thiea asked, “They were killing everyone they could lay their paws on after all.”

“That’s what they want you to think.” Rain smiled as she pulled a parchment from seemingly nowhere and handed it to Thiea, “Take a look at this list of all the people who had been killed for the past month and tell me one thing they have in common.”

Thiea and Yvi studied the parchment intently.

“They’re all known supporters of the Humans Against Demons movement?” Thiea raised her eyebrow.

“Are you saying that the Rats were only targeting those who were in the movement?”

Rain nodded, “Exactly, and killing the Mayor who’s one of the more prominent figures will definitely throw a spanner into the works.”

“But who is the mastermind behind these mass assassinations?” Yvi asked curiously, “The demons?”

“Who else could it be?” An odd expression burned in Rain’s lavender eyes, “They’re all murderers, every single one of them.”

The earring wrapped around her right ear glinted somewhat menacingly under the dim lights that filtered from the Mayor’s house. It was a subtle symbol that served to remind all of Rain’s Magian status wherever she went and it gave Yvi the creeps every time she saw the earring. It was as if the earring had a life of its own and Yvi never understood why it had to be a hideous claw-like thing with a single eye of all things. The Order definitely needed to take some lessons in fashion accessorizing.

“Well, whatever it is, our mission is now accomplished.” Thiea cut into Yvi’s thoughts dismissively, “Let’s collect our fee and get out of here. I’m positively starving.”

“You’re always starving.” Rain’s eyes lost the strange burning look as she turned with a teasing smile to Thiea, “Sometimes I wonder where all the food you ate went.”

“To my brain of course.” Thiea laughed, “Why do you think I’m so incredibly smart…?”

As Yvi followed her fellow bounty hunters, she began to wonder what could have caused that expression of hidden pain and repressed anger in Rain’s eyes.


Cover Tryout

Ya, well, it’s kinda far away, I know… but… i dream…